Battery services

UPS battery maintenance is vital for the reliable operation of your UPS system.

At Fables Power Solutions (FPS) we will ensure that your battery system is maintained to the highest standard ensuring non stop power when you need it most.

Installing and servicing a wide range of battery systems from 20KVA to 800KVA from major manufactures such as: Riello, APC, Eaton, Makelsan, Emerson and SDMO.

The supply and installation of battery monitoring enables our customers to predict when battery maintenance or replacement will be necessary.

Manufacturing bespoke transition boxes and 120-volt isolators to enable maintenance and testing without causing major disruption to a UPS system.

Our comprehensive battery maintenance plans include the following;

  • Visual inspection of all batteries, terminals & connectors for visible signs of damage and corrosion
  • Thermal imaging of the battery installation
  • Recording of float and open circuit cell and string voltages
  • Recording of ambient battery room temperatures
  • Checking of all battery connector torque settings

Battery Impedance Testing

Battery impedance testing is absolutely key in determining the status of the batteries against the original Manufacturers specification. The data once completed can be downloaded to a PC for detailed analysis and report generation.

  • Battery testing is carried out using the industry leading Alber cellcorder CRT 400
  • Deatailed reporting of cell float voltage, internal cell resistance and inter cell connection resistance
  • An easy to understand traffic light warning graph is provided following on-site testing
  • Early identification of batteries deterioration

Battery Installation & Replacement

When the time comes to replace your battery system we are able to offer batteries from all major Manufacturers. We are happy to supply only or we can take on all elements of the project from de-commissioning of old to installation of new.

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