Makelsan – PM Series 10-300kVA – Modular

PM Series 10-300kVA
High Performance, Modular 3-Phase Power Protection Scalable up to 1800kVA, With 95.5% High Efficiency for High Density Data Centers and Critical Applications
Online UPS 10-300 kVA Three Phase/Three Phase

 • Full IGBT Double Conversion Technology
• Perfect Generator Compatibility
• Separated Bypass
• Optional External Battery Quantity (16-20 pcs)
• Remote EPO/EPO Function
• Common Battery
• Control Monitoring with 5″ Color Touch-Screen LCD Graphic Display
• Control of On/Off State of Each Module
• Superior MTBF and MTTR
• Freely Set The Charge Current
• Intelligent Charging
• Super-large LCD Display (With Touchable Screen)
• Single Module LCD Display
• Mid or Small Power Distributing System
• Easy Maintenance