MBM Series

MBM Series







Battery Monitoring

Product Pluses:
It checks the operating parameters
It points out and signals any faults
It is an effective preventive maintenance system
It helps ensuring that the battery is always
in good working order
It reduces/eliminates the need for the normal
maintenance processes
It helps reducing the costs associated with
battery maintenance and management
It ensures trouble-free service

• • The reliability and service continuity of the power supply system are getting more and more critical for our daily life.
• Any market and industry sector is governed and controlled by system whose service continuity is essential. In case of emergency, the back-up power is generally supplied by a battery of lead accumulators, and constant maintenance and control ensure that the system will always be efficient and reliable. MAKELSAN, always striving to meet the actual needs and requirements of its customers offers a new and innovative monitoring system for lead electric accumulators. Building on its experience and its high technological know-how, MAKELSAN has manufactured a versatile equipment allowing to monitor the main functional parameters of a battery, providing valuable support for preventive maintenance operations and for the immediate identification on any faillures. This system allows a new approach to battery monitoring and control: it can be compared to a technician who on a daily basis checks the accumulators, pointing out any faults, thus drastically reducing the maintenance voltage reading time. With the new monitoring
• system, MAKELSAN has developed a truly innovative product, reliable and featuring an interesting price/performance ratio.

• • Optional Accessories
• – Hall-effect sensor for 50A current detection, available in various sizes up to 1500A
• – PT 100 temperature probes
• – Isolated interface for data transmission with RS 232 /422/485

• • Alarms
• They can be programmed by the user and provide a visual indication through the display; they can be linked to external devices through a dry electrical contact. In particular they detect: battery failure, component short-circuit, minimum voltage, maximum voltage, maximum environment temperature, maximum battery temperature.

• • Technical Specifications

• -Power supply: from mains or battery, with three voltage ranges between 24 and 480 Volt (d.c. or a.c.)
• – Input power when in stand-by: 2.2 Watt (max 4 Watt with alarms on)
• – Operating temperature: -20 +50°C
• – Number of channels for battery voltage detection: twelve
• – Detection voltages for each channel: 2 to 40 Volt d.c.
• – Temperature detection range: -40 to +80°C
• – Interfacing devices: general alarm dry contact

• • Viewable Data
• – Total battery voltage
• – Voltage of each channel
• – Charging and discharging current (if equipped with current probe)
• – Deviation of each channel voltage from the average battery voltage
• – Alarms, if any
• – Date and time
• – Environment temperature (if equipped with probe)
• – Battery temperature (if equipped with probe)





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