Home Inverter Application: Portable inverter for entertainment systems, Personal Computers & xDSL Connections


TM Inverter Application: Rackmounted AC-based support of servers, routers and other equipment in a central office or telecom room, suitable also for railway and electric power systems

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MINV Inverter Application: Suitable for use in harsh environments, industrial, marine

Home Inverter / UPS 600-5000VA









Entertainment Systems Personal Computers xDSL Connections
Line Interactive UPS/Inverter 600-5000 VA

• Intelligent Long Time Model
• Fully Digitized Microprocessor Control
• Wide Input Voltage Window
• Energy Saving Function with UPS Green Mode
• Short Circuit and Overload Protection
• Cold Start
• Intelligent Battery Management
• Compatible with Generators
• SMD Technology
• Battery Swappable
• Bypass Output


TM Inverter






Application: rack mounted AC-based applications of servers ,routers and other equipment in central office of telecom, railway and electric power systems

• Features:
• 1. 19 inch rack mount
• 2. Sine wave pulse width modulation
• 3. IGBT inverter design.
• 4. Pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD
• 5. Cold start
• 6. Load/Battery power meter display
• 7. LED/LCD display overload, on-line, battery status
• 8. Zero transfer time
• 9. Smart RS-232 communication port
• 10. Optional SNMP card



MINV Series









• Clean and Stable Output AC.
• Redundant Fan System With Temperature and Air Flow Control.
• By-pass Static Switch.
• Manual By-pass Switch, Allowing to Perform Maintenance
• Operations Without Disconnecting the Load.
• Possibility to Supply a Non-linear Load With Minimum
• Distortion Thanks to the High-Frequency IGBT Technology.
• Fuse Protection on Both the Inverter and The Emergency Line, with Burnt
• Fuse Identification and Automatic Insertion on the Functional Branch.
• Wide Range of Input Voltages.
• Digital Microprocessor Control (DSP+PLD).
• Full Optical Isolation on all the Logic and Interface Cards.
• Certified to Operate in the Harshest Environment Conditions.
• Shortcircuit-Proof Architecture.
• Modbus Communication Interface Through RS232 or RS485 Port.
• Ethernet Connectivity.




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