Rotabloc Module 400 – 1600 kW

The Rotabloc has been developed to meet the exacting needs of facilities where it is essential to maintain constant, high quality power to support critical functions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rotabloc systems are installed across a wide range of applications including Federal Government, Air Traffic Control, Data Centers, Industry and Major Research Projects.
Rotabloc is unique in that we build fully integrated UPS systems and this approach lowers cost, reduces risk and improves reliability.

The Rotabloc Module

  • Rotabloc provides a range of power ratings for individual modules from 400 – 1600 kW. This is integrated with IEM Switchgear and an independent Diesel Generator. Rotabloc Systems can be configured into Low and Medium Voltage installations up to 40MW+.
  • The Diesel can be operated independent of the Rotabloc (RB). Concurrent maintainability helps support tier 3+ Data Center applications.
  • Rotabloc Integration and Control System operates and manages the UPS, Switchgear, and Diesel Gen-set, providing an interface with your building management systems giving real time control, monitoring, and reporting.

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