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XT4 UPS, 5kVA-10kVA Systems



 On Line, Double Conversion UPS For Best in Protection The Protection You Need
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GXT4™ UPS, 5kVA-10kVA Systems:
  • Best Protection for Critical Network Applications
  • Today’s converged networks require increased availability and reliability.
  • IT professionals require higher density power protection systems that adapt to mixed load voltages and plug types, while remaining easy to install and maintain.
  • The Liebert GXT4 UPS meets the need for higher power capacities in small spaces. This true on-line double conversion UPS system is available in larger capacity models of 5kVA – 10kVA, and features integrated maintenance bypass, as well as optional extended battery runtime. Plus, Liebert Services provides an optional Power Assurance Package for life-cycle support for your UPS, including installation, start-up, and on-site service.
  • The Liebert GXT4 UPS is designed for use in either rack or tower configurations. 220V, 230V and 240V 50/60 Hz models are offered with CE and C-tick markings.
  • Dual Voltages For Multiple Applications
  • Output voltages of 240/120, 208/120, 230/115, 220/110, or 200/100 VAC provide the flexibility to adapt to multiple load requirements without the need to add additional transformers that take up extra space and add weight. Input power factor correction to 0.99 reduces current harmonics and their heating effects.
  • The Protection You Need
  • On Line, Double Conversion UPS For Best in Protection